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Porschia Epps


Zumba Instructor / FFAP Mentorship Program Coordinator

Porschia M. Epps fell in love with fitness almost 3 decades ago. As a child, she found joy in spending a few times per week with her Barbie workout and Taebo tapes. Once she reached high school, her struggles with food and her own body image issues fueled her desire to learn more about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After years of trial and error, fad diets, and failed attempts at maintaining her weight, she finally learned that committing to a balanced diet, workout plan, and life was all it took.

Today, Porschia is dedicated to helping others become the best versions of themselves inside and out. She is a motivational speaker, personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, licensed Zumba®, MixxedFit®, Power Circuit, and Aqua fitness instructor and she created her own fitness format, T2L: Tone, Tighten & Lift. She specializes in weight loss, weight management, body sculpting and healthy body transformations. She also mentors other fitness professionals in their journey to grow in their careers and spread the message of health, wellness and balance.

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