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Morineke White


Chair One, Commit, Zumba, and MixxedFit Instructor

Morineke has been a Childcare Provider for over 30 years. And the Owner of "Gifts From God Childcare Services" for over 8 years. She has always lived an active lifestyle. Growing up her parents always kept Morineke, and her siblings, involved in some type of sports. She participated in ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading. In middle and high school she was on the basketball, swim, and track teams. But whether with her cousins at a family gathering or taking the stage for a talent show, she always loved to dance. While attending Clayton State College she continued to stay active taking group fitness classes, step aerobics, water aerobics african dance, Karate(Tang-soo-do), and Zumba. Anything that had movement and a good beat, she was there.

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