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Nicole W.

"During the COVID-19 shelter-in-place, I've used the online fitness portal to continue exercising as an alternative to going to the studio. Although, I feel a sense of sadness that I'm not physically with my workout buddies, I appreciate the many options of videos offered. When exercising, I feel the personality of the instructors and it's encouraging that they make the workouts fun. The good music and their energy get me moving. With the availability of the videos, I have the flexibility of working out on my own schedule - day or night (BONUS). And I can access them from my laptop, cell phone or using the smart tv. For those who need flexible workout options, the online videos are the way to go. You can skip the gym and workout from your home.  Although I prefer working out with friends, I can truly acknowledge the benefits of the online platform."

Clarissa P.

"Fit For A Purpose has been the highlight of my day during quarantine. The workouts are fun, easy to follow, and the best music ever. The owner and instructors are supportive and love what they do. Thanks for supporting a healthy lifestyle."

Toscha S.

"The CovID-19 situation was a very dramatic and unprecedented time for us all. As we sheltered in place or remained quarantined in our homes, there was such a need to stay active, fit and healthy. FAAP’s fitness ambassadors( lovely instructors) were very creative in designing an online virtual platform that provided a variety of fitness classes that met everyone’s need. I really enjoyed the thought of having my “at-home studio”, where I could complete my workouts as my work from home schedule allowed. Thanks for your innovative thoughts, routine business updates and your dedication during these difficult times."

Jackie S.

"This online workout is literally giving me life during this pandemic. I really enjoy all the different types of workout classes FFAP offers online. Although I miss being in the studio, I can truly say the online classes offered keep me on track with my fitness goals. If you want a good workout and versatility in your workout then, the online workout classes are the way to go. Thank you FFAP for giving me something to look forward to each and everyday!"

Leslie M.

"I wanted to take a few moments to recommend to anyone who may be on the fence about beginning their weight loss/fitness/fun journey, to try Fit For a Purpose and Fit For a Purpose ONLINE.  I personally love the environment of the live classes on site at the facility, but due to Covid19, the state of Georgia forced closure of gyms, so many of us faithful members were left without our nightly workouts we had become accustomed to.  Luckily, the instructors at Fit For a Purpose quickly put an online platform together to help us stay moving while we sheltered at home.  Their smiling faces, upbeat music and familiar moves brought back some normalcy for a time while we are unable to physically meet up with one another. For anyone that may be new to dance fitness, this is a nice way to ease into fitness in the comfort of your home. Classes include MixxedFit, Zumba, Toning, Stretch, TwerkFit and Carribean Beatz. By logging into the website, you have access to several classes, and are able to enjoy your favorite (mine is Caribbean Beatz).  You can pause and come back, and replay as much as you want at a time that is convenient for you.  Thank You Christina, and all the ladies for taking the time to work on content to keep us moving, having fun, and adding more content weekly!  I hope even as things return to normal, this platform will stay in place so we can workout at home as well!!!"

Morineke W.

"The Fit For A Purpose online fitness portal is just Awesome. It is just what I need in these times of social distancing. I love that you have access to so many different fitness formats. All with instructors that bring the fun high energy that we all love, while still giving us the encouragement to push us through the workout that we/they know we need. The Fit For A Purpose online portal is very easy to use. These workouts, while only 30 minutes, have you putting in work and sweating like you've done an hour. But if you do want a longer workout, you have that access with the FFAP Online portal as well. You can customize your workout plan for 30mins, 60mins, etc. It's so convenient! It's whatever works for you…no excuses. Sometimes, I’ll only do 30 mins, or I may do 30 mins cardio (like MixxedFit or Zumba) and 30 mins Toning/Stretching. They are also frequently adding new videos. I would like to say Thank You so much and I appreciate the Owner and all the Fit for A Purpose instructors for providing us this online platform as an option for us."

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