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Tiffancy Barnes


MixxedFit Master Educator and Commit Instructor

Hello my name is Tiffancy aka MissionDelicious. I am a licensed professional counselor by day and use dance fitness as my therapy. At my highest weight I was 430lbs in Dec 2006 I had gastric bypass surgery as I had been diagnosed with arthritis in both knees with recommendation for total Knee replacements in both knees I was only 25 at the time. After surgery I lost a lot of wt but not all of it. I had always been a at home Beachbody workout person and running. By 2012/2013 I had got back to 300lbs and restarted my journey. I was doing well but my knees stopped me from running and a fitsis from Instagram invited me to a dance fitness class Kazaxe in sept 2014. I used it as therapy as I was in the lowest parts of my life losing my job and several other things. I started off hiding in the back corner to eventually being on stage. By summer 2015 I was going 5-6 days a week. I went to Norfolk State to support a friend and was told about MixxedFit when I got back to NoVA I looked up a class tried it and thought it would be good for my MissionDelucious private practice weightloss group. I was licensed as a MixxedFit instructor Aug 2 2015. Taught my first class ever October 2015. I never thought I would be instructing classes. I was the shy girl in the corner to now holding teaching classes. Currently I am in a leadership role with Mixxedfit® as Master Educator! Im AFAA Group Fitness certified instructor. I’m a new mom and trying to the postpartum wt off. I'm now utilizing my BS of Kinediology and MS Clinical Psychology.

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