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Sylvia Williams


Commit Instructor

Sylvia Williams is a Nationally Certified Group Fitness Instructor with AFAA (Athletics and Fitness
Association of America) and has been teaching dance and fitness classes for over three years. She
has been licensed in multiple formats including Mixxedfit®, Zumba®, Turn Up Dance Fitness®, Chair
One Fitness® and Commit Dance Fitness®. She has also been a guest instructor on the
KarmaVacations Dance Fitness Cruise on Royal Caribbean for the past three years. She has been
teaching classes at FFAP since 2019.
Sylvia’s love for fitness began at a very young age as she played basketball, volleyball, and fast-
pitch softball competitively up until college. She is a lover of all team sports which further led to her
love for group fitness classes. Whether it was step aerobics, body pump, or any dance fitness class,
the environment of a group fitness class is where she felt most accepted, encouraged, and
motivated. After the birth of her son, the challenges of being a new mom left her disconnected from
her fitness classes, as well as it began a time where unhealthy eating habits and stress took over.
Furthermore, her challenges became even greater when her husband was experiencing major
health issues and she became the sole provider and caregiver of her household. Reaching a weight
over 265 lbs. and literally being out of breath putting on her shoes, Sylvia realized that she needed
to find her way back to group fitness and to take control of her nutrition. She found some dance
fitness classes in her area that she enjoyed and began making friends with other students that were
on their own fitness journey. These classes became her social time, her get-away, and her therapy!
Sylvia has a passion for creating a space for other women to feel empowered and supported in their
fitness journey. She is the creator and CEO of Hustle Inspired, LLC, the product of her lifelong
desire to create a space for women to be inspired and thrive through the genuine support of others.
In 2020, she obtained her certification in Transformational Life Coaching in order to develop her
skills even more in guiding and coaching others seeking a transformation in their life. She has built
the Hustle Inspired Community Facebook group online where she offers both group and 1:1
coaching to individuals that desire to make true transformations in their lives.
In addition to her fitness life, Sylvia also works full-time at the Chick-fil-A corporate office leading
communication projects within their Leadership Development Program. She also spends time
teaching volunteer classes and supporting Every Woman Works (, a
local organization (located in Sandy Springs, GA) that provides resources and education to women
moving from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Her personal mission statement is: To inspire others by my actions, but to never forget my voice.
To encourage and empower women to do hard things and know that there is no challenge that
cannot be overcome, if, you believe in YOU. To be an infectious light of positive energy and to
create safe spaces for people to be open, loved, included, healthy and FREE.

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