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Nina Mallett


TwerkFit and Stiletto Instructor

Nina started dancing at the age of five with her aunt (whom was called “Moon-Walker” because of how well she could move). Nina and her aunt would perform nightly in front of crowds of people in their neighborhood. Nina has a real passion for dance (nothing professional), but she has taken Ballroom, Latin Fusion, Zumba, Jazzercise, and Hip-Hop classes throughout the years. Nina obtained her group fitness certification through AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) in November 2017.

Nina has experience in the following fitness formats:
- Hip-Hop / Freestyle Dance - 32 years
- Jazzercise - (2008-2012)

- Ballroom Dance - (2011-2012)

Twerk Fitness - (2010-present)

Latin Fusion - (2011-present)

Zumba Fitness - (2012-present)

Nina is trained to teach the following Zumba formats:






Strong by Zumba

MixxedFit - (April 2018-present)

Pound Fitness - (May 2018-present)

Nina is mostly known for her amazing TwerkFit class, which she travels to teach all over the country. TwerkFit is a dance fitness format that teaches the basic fundamental elements of Twerk through a choreographed one hour session.

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