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Meet The FFAP Team!

At FFAP, we understand how isolating a fitness journey can feel, which is why we have designed a classy five-star fitness studio that gives you community, comfortability, and confidence.

FFAP Team Members
Founder / CEO / Owner
Group Fitness Instructor

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Christina Wilson

(AKA "Diamond")

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Christina Wilson is a devoted Christian, mother, and entrepreneur who has a passion for helping women reach their God-given purpose. In June of 2017, Christina created her own fitness company, which is called Fit For A Purpose LLC (FFAP). FFAP was formed with the mission of inspiring, encouraging, and aiding in the transformation of the lives of women all across the world through physical fitness and nutritional awareness.


Christina understands the importance of becoming healthy from the inside out and she wants others to become enlightened as well. When Christina became certified to teach Zumba in July of 2016, she was immediately hired by LA Fitness to teach as a group fitness instructor. Christina has been working at LA Fitness for two years and she has grown to love and cherish the relationships that she has built with her students and the various lives that she has played a part in changing.


What makes Christina unique as an instructor is the fact that she has Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was diagnosed with RA at the age of 6 years old and there was once a time when she could not perform simple tasks on her own such as walking up and down stairs, getting up out of chairs, opening things, etc. She believes that her life, so far, has been, and still is, a testimony and a source of encouragement to a lot of women. Her goal is to show people that they can do anything that they put their mind to, including learning to move again!


On March 3, 2018, Christina opened Fit For A Purpose Dance & Fitness Studio where she holds various group fitness classes such as Zumba, MixxedFit, T2L, Yoga, FIT Bootcamp, Caribbean Beatz, Kickbox Cardio Fusion, FIT BodyWerk and more. When Christina opened the doors to her studio, she also opened up the doors to her heart and she is committed to doing all that she can to ensure that her students reach their goals and have lots of fun while doing it!

Christina is so excited about this new journey in her life and she can't wait to see where God is taking her! 

T.T.L: Tone, Tighten, and Lift Instructor
Mentorship Program Coordinator

Porschia M. Epps fell in love with fitness almost 3 decades ago. As a child, she found joy in spending a few times per week with her Barbie workout and Taebo tapes. Once she reached high school, her struggles with food and her own body image issues fueled her desire to learn more about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After years of trial and error, fad diets, and failed attempts at maintaining her weight, she finally learned that committing to a balanced diet, workout plan, and life was all it took.


Today, Porschia is dedicated to helping others become the best versions of themselves inside and out. She is a motivational speaker, personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, licensed Zumba®, MixxedFit®, Power Circuit, and Aqua fitness instructor and she created her own fitness format, T2L: Tone, Tighten & Lift. She specializes in weight loss, weight management, body sculpting and healthy body transformations. She also mentors other fitness professionals in their journey to grow in their careers and spread the message of health, wellness and balance.

Porschia Epps

Porschia Epps

(AKA "Brick House")

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MixxedFit Instructor

Asia first decided to become an instructor as a way to keep herself active and in-shape. She's been teaching since 2014, but before that she was the student.  In 2013, she realized that if she didn't get her life and health together, she would not be around to enjoy her family. She participated in a "Biggest Loser Challenge" at work, which sparked a fire of fitness for her.  Asia started her weight loss journey at 275 lbs and lost 90 lbs in 1 year with Zumba and Personal Training.  When her personal training ended, she knew she couldn't afford it again, but she also knew she couldn't afford to lose her motivation, so she had to come up with a plan.  After seeing her weight loss and dedication, her instructors Mia, Ti-arah, and Lashawn were all asking her to get certified in Zumba and teach. She was extremely nervous so at the time she would just smile and joke it off. Asia believed she could never teach because she was not on "their level". But after really thinking about it, she said, "why not". She figured she could just try it and the rest is history. Zumba changed her life. She started off subbing for instructors and that grew into much more. Since then, she now teaches 13 classes a week full-time, which include Zumba, BodyWorks, Water Aerobics, Power Circuit, BootCamp, Yoga, and MixxedFit. In the beginning,  she started a fitness journey for herself, but she ended up becoming like her mentors by helping other students see their passions and achieve their goals.

Asia Ofei

Asia Ofei

(AKA "A-Danger")

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TwerkFit Instructor

Nina started dancing at the age of five with her aunt (whom was called

“Moon-Walker” because of how well she could move).  Nina and her

aunt would perform nightly in front of crowds of people in their

neighborhood.  Nina has a real passion for dance (nothing professional),

but she has taken Ballroom, Latin Fusion, Zumba, Jazzercise, and

Hip-Hop classes throughout the years.  Nina obtained her group fitness 

certification through AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of

America) in November 2017.


Nina has experience in the following fitness formats:

  • Hip-Hop / Freestyle Dance - 32 years

  • Jazzercise - (2008-2012)

  • Ballroom Dance - (2011-2012)

  • Twerk Fitness - (2010-present)

  • Latin Fusion - (2011-present)

  • Zumba Fitness - (2012-present)

    • Nina is trained to teach the following Zumba formats:

      • Aqua

      • Toning

      • Gold

      • Sentao

      • Step

      • Strong by Zumba

  • MixxedFit - (April 2018-present)

  • Pound Fitness - (May 2018-present)

Nina is mostly known for her amazing TwerkFit class, which she travels to teach all over the country. TwerkFit is a dance fitness format that teaches the basic fundamental elements of Twerk through a choreographed one hour session. 

Nina Mallett

Nina Mallett

(AKA "Dr. Twerk")

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